Music Matters

Rhythm – it’s everywhere!  Starting with our heartbeat, with the machines that surround us, with the visual cues that we encounter everyday…you know it’s there!  The way we talk even has cadence, a melody that we might not notice – for it is always around us.  Many people even play music for their babies before they’re born.

Letting your little ones get acquainted with different kinds of music is definitely a fun activity.  Let them choose what they would like after being exposed with an almost complete genre of music.  These can span from the classical to Motown, from jazz to rock, from The Beatles to the most current band that’s also your favorite.

It doesn’t stop there.  When your little ones are able to express themselves more eloquently, at about the age of three – you can now ask them how things that they hear everyday can be similar to a song that they have heard.  You can now dive into discussing, in simple terms, the feeling or mood that they think is projected by certain songs and such.

In this way, they become aware of how they express themselves – how ideas are made, what the messages really mean – the connection between art and society can be established.  Though, this might sound too complex or too serious, it’s up to you how to bring it to their level.