Great Ideas for Outgrown Outfits

Every young one has had their share of super cute and overly-adorable outfits.  Those wee, little knickers, shirts, pants, skirts and dresses – there can actually be a lot! Have you given some away, donated or sold some at a garage sale? What if you can’t just let go of every piece clothing and the memory that comes with it?

When this happens, you can always make those outfits more than what they are.  They don’t need to be hidden away – they can be used around the house as one of the following:

Pillowcases – those wee little shirts can be sewn together – it depends on how big you would like the pillowcase to be. Or it could be several small pillows!  These pillow-shirts might turn out to be your child’s favorite pillow or your favorite one!

Outfits for favorite stuffed toys – the stuffed toys they have – albeit teddy bears or cartoon characters – can readily wear your child’s outgrown outfits.  It will further endear them to your child.

Pet outfits – well, it largely depends on how big your pet is.  If, for example, you have a rather small dog in the house, a rabbit, a cat, even a hamster – the outfits can serve as great protection from the weather for your pets.  Or, a good props for interesting photographs.

Wallets and bags – you can create wallets or tote bags from your old clothes!   Figure out what part of the clothing you would need – and still preserve the general look of the outfit.  This works very well with brightly colored pants or skirts – even pajamas make an interesting small tote bag for items like toiletries!

★ How about making a blanket?  Many favorite old clothes can be “patch-worked” together to make a very unique keepsake.

These are just a handful of suggestions that you can do.  Hopefully, you can find better ways to transform those outgrown outfits.  It also never hurts to pass it on to the next kid who might want them …but, to cherish and have them with you is definitely a fun way to keep them around!  We’d love to hear your ideas for recycling old clothes.  Let us know on our facebook page.