Bookworm to Book Butterfly

Encouraging a child to be a bookworm will enable them to appreciate the world around them as well.  Try to expose them as early as possible, make reading part of their lives in an enjoyable manner.  One top habit that your kids might love is gathering on the bed or sometimes, spread out a quilt and just cuddle up and take turns making a story with sound effects.

This very interactive way of reading books aloud will also enable them to realize how important and alive words can be.  They will, in effect, be asking incessantly about everything around them.  They might also want to go and learn more deeply about a certain subject matter – the most common of which would be animals, modes of transportation and nature.
Coming from knowing the world around them by reading would also eventually make them ready to create their own stories.  Try to encourage them to mix up the stories that they love and name the characters themselves.  You can also use this chance to peek into how they see the world as well.
Most of all, savoring the chances to express themselves will draw them out of being shy or apprehensive about voicing their opinion, their ideas, and their viewpoints.  Nestling themselves in all the possible words they can grasp, understanding and linking together to say something very vivid is truly a sight to behold.
 Imagine, when your bookworm will finally be able to fly on their own and have stories to share of their own as well.  That’s one pretty proud moment a parent can have: when they see how their child bloomed after nurturing their ability to communicate.