Good Morning Good Mood

Waking up early in the morning is not actually an ideal thing for some of us.  Especially for the young ones who just can’t let go of the dreams they’re having and are still warm and cozy and comfortably snuggled in.  Sometimes, the little ones can’t help but be so disappointed that the dream will abruptly stop with a jarring alarm or a sudden wake-up shake-up back to reality.

What can parents do to encourage a good mood every morning?  Better yet, how can we establish a ritual or a habit that would have them wonderfully welcoming the new day from a good night’s sleep?  How can we possibly woo them from such a fantastic place? Smile! I might be able to help!

The first thing we can establish is a good waking environment.  This involves the night before when you create possibilities of the new day they can look forward to.  For example, the promise of yummy pancakes in the morning and some good old-fashioned hot cocoa with marshmallows when they wake up would be a good start.  Just the smell of it would make even us grown-ups want to jumpstart our day and wake up to start it right.

Another habit you might want to establish would be to gently wake up the little ones with soft tapping on their toes and whispering “Good morning sweetie! Time to wake up…we’re going to–”  and then provide the activity that you’ve talked about the night before.  Lots of warm hugs as well as helping them stretch out from slumber would be a great help too.

Another good tip would be to play a favorite tune or song that you all look forward to listening to – maybe your favorite is Motown music – you can have your music set up as an alarm to get things going.  It will set the whole gang in a good mood to greet the new day as well.

Good Morning!