Building A Strong Sense of Independence

Nothing feels more amazing as when you first see your child take their first step.  Though a bit wobbly and seemingly unsure, it’s as if all the little parts magically knew what to do.  There is this overwhelming pride and joy to see how your child is discovering themselves and what they can do.

Independence is such a big word for our little tots.  Here are some of the little steps:

First, letting them eat on their own would be a good start.  Let them make a mess, just be around to praise them when they finally are able to use the child-friendly utensils right.  Let them enjoy the adventure of exploring textures, tastes, colors and smells of food that they love.

Second teach them how to dress themselves up.  You might need to give a hand with buttons.  Just let them choose what they would like to wear.  A good opportunity would be to know what their color preference is.  This would also be a tool for learning the basics of color harmony.

Third, as I’ve mentioned above, when they begin walking on their own.  Yes, they may stumble and some of the times have a bump or a scratch.  These are the moments where you can calmly let them know that it’s alright.  Try not to be overly concerned when they do – to project that you strongly believe in them will let them focus on what lies ahead, with great gusto.