Doodling and Creativity

Our guest blogger, Megan, shares how she encourages her tyke to be creative!

Mommies and Daddies, did you ever doodle on the back of your notebooks back in high school? How about when you were in grade school? Or, was it just yesterday in your diary or journal? Doodling is not simply boredom manifested – as my favorite Math teacher likes to put it. It’s a way to let your thoughts travel and explore on their own – this was declared as a universal law by my heroic Art teacher.

You can use doodling as a fantastic family adventure. You can set aside a wall, or a rather large table, cover the area in white drawing paper or you can even get some “chalkboard” paint and create your own chalkboard. From there, everyone can doodle. You can all agree that the doodle has to have a certain theme or a certain design. Maybe family members can take turns choosing a new theme each week. The act of roaming around with one’s ideas would encourage you and your little ones to connect and create.

With my child, we have our refrigerator door as our doodling project. We both agreed that red and black would be the only permanent ink marker colors that we can use – moving from there, we also decided that we will doodle the favorite snacks we love, along with names of our favorite places, friends, brands, etc. We now have a curiously interesting refrigerator door that is a good topic of conversation for everyone.

You can also try to be more adventurous by, maybe, having their bedroom door also a doodle spot that the family can work on. Again, there has to be an agreement on what can be doodled on them. They can also decide that it’s one door per person, if they wish.

Just let those ideas travel and let them roam, you’d never know what this fantastic wandering can lead to – a discovery, to say the least.