Head Start On Careers

Do you remember having your own doctor’s kit, your own fire truck, or even a train set? How about your own mini-bakery kit or the little teacher’s kit? I had my own set of little pots and pans and tools for “cooking” myself!

It’s all about the exposure – small acts such as bringing your little ones to the office, whenever possible. You can also tug them along with you as often as you can to run errands. This can be at the favorite neighborhood bakery, the Chinese take-out place, the bank, the mechanic – even at the salon or the bank. Reminds me of the song from Sesame Street I used to sing when I was little… “The People In Your Neighborhood.” Every experience would be feeding them ideas and introducing them to all the people who work hard every day. Interacting with the people you meet as you go through your “To-Do” list is a great way for you’re young ones to learn how everyone has a part in the community.

You can also take them on special trips that pique their interest. This can be to see a favorite band, an art exhibit, watch a musical, take part in harvesting or poetry reading – even take them dining at a restaurant that you find delightful.

The most important discussion would be after having these exposure trips with your kids. You can follow up their interest on a particular person or business that they’ve encountered. You can also plan what to do and where to go next time!