Let’s Go Fly A Kite and Other Impromptu Activities

Having a sudden burst of energy and a sense of adventure to do something is a good thing. Especially when the time and the place to do it present itself immediately!

One of the most popular activities to do at times like these is to fly a kite. Smile. There is nothing like wide open space, the fresh breeze and seeing that colorful piece of artwork that you and your little ones can make together, just flying around. There is something extraordinary… something that feels similar to sensing how free you are when you see your work up against the bright, blue sky with the wind agreeing to carry it up there for everyone to see.

Or, how about making an adventure out of exploring what’s in the kitchen? Creating something can be as simple as trying out a new cookie recipe or experimenting with the available ingredients in your pantry.

The tricky part is to make sure that the result will be, more or less, edible or downright surprisingly good. See who can come up with the most original cookie and a name to go with it.

How do you make a mundane task more fun? Cleaning the car can take some persuasion. But, if you pre-plant the car with surprises – like a comic book that they’ve been wanting, movie tickets in a compartment or under the spare tire, you can make cleaning the car a fun adventure.

Most of all, you can make your own spontaneous fun. Just keep in mind how the little ones would like to get surprised, what would get their creative juices flowing and their enthusiasm to a high level?