Veggie Good

Today we’re so happy to have our friend Megan Carson  give us some tips on getting your kids to eat veggies:

“The first challenge for me as a mom was how to introduce eating vegetables to my child.  Should I prepare them as dessert?  Should I make an epic story that they would like with the veggies as the catalyst for super powers? How about whipping up some other fancy idea? Or would scare tactics be the last resort if all else fails?

So far, with numerous experiments, I found two ways to introduce vegetables to my kids as part and parcel and consistently a good thing to eat.  I was able to find out what they like by trial and error.

First up would be with toddlers. Based on what I have researched and of course, from personal experience, they usually would like something a bit sweet and soft to eat.  The way to cook the veggies would be steaming, boiling or part of a good soup.  Carrots, potatoes, beets – other root crops which are leaning on the sweet side can be served as such.  They can be side dishes as well. Another awesome idea would be puddings or baked in puff pastry as snacks.  I try not to mix them with the main dish but instead put them in the spotlight as side helpings to complement the meal.

The youngsters, or your little ones just past the toddler stage, would like something a bit more experimental in taste – savory, salty and spicy – yet with a crunchy goodness to it. A quick stir-fry of crunchy veggies and a sprinkle of mild spices that you like would be the trick.  Make sure that a cheese dip is ready for the green beans, celery sticks, sweet onions, carrot, radishes, etc.  You can also try out other dips – but, the cheese dip or cheese flavor is always a sure hit.

The latest family favorite is the ever tasty cabbage: I just roll the leaves into a wrap and carefully slice them as thinly as possible.  They would look like very thin, long strips of noodles.  The dressing is a mixture of sour cream, crushed black pepper, a bit of mayo, a bit of soft butter, salt mixed in with just enough wasabi.  A good salad to go with any meal!”

Hope you love the ideas!